Organic Einkorn Pierogi Dough

When I need some comfort food, nothing hits the spot like a bowl of soup and some homemade pierogi. Over the years, I have adjusted the recipe that was passed down to me by my husband’s grandma, Martha. She would use margarine, which I also grew up eating because mainstream media made it seem healthier than grass-fed butter. Her pierogi were delicious, but as I started learning about food, I wanted to tweak the recipe to have all clean ingredients. After countless fails, this seems to be the most pliable and delicious dough I have made so far.

This past Thanksgiving, my ten year old son Brandon, wanted to help make the dough. They always help in the kitchen, but he wanted to recipe so he could do it by himself. The other boys helped too, as always. Colin helped peel the potatoes for the inside pierogi stuffing. Ethan, added ingredients to other side dishes I had measured out and stirred them. Oh, and he hugged a watermelon.

Brandon followed the recipe well. He used the mixer and was able to make 5-6 dough balls. We used almost 5 lbs of flour when all was said and done. I lost count and I was pinching and stuffing and pinching.

Then Brandon decided that this recipe belonged on our blog as pierogi are part of our hearts. After all, the saying goes a way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, right? Brandon typed up this recipe and took most of the pictures too. I just tried to soak this all in as they will grow up one day and I will miss their helping little hands and hearts.


2 cups organic einkorn flour or organic all purpose flour
1 large organic egg from a happy chicken, like our happy chicks
1/2 cup warm water *ADD THIS LAST & SLOW
1 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt
3 TB of organic olive oil or palm oil


  1. Add all the ingredients in a mixer with the dough attachment on, except the water. Mix. Then add the water slowly. I usually use the whole 1/2 cup, but sometimes you need a little less so add gradually.
  2. Mix.
  3. When the dough looks mixed and almost all together, take it out and start kneading.
  4. Create a ball from the dough and let sit covered in a towel for 10-30 minutes. (See Picture Below)644082_1227524200597490_8028577971310991199_n
  5. You can roll one big sheet and use a circle cookie cutter OR I just take a small ball of     dough, roll it out, add my filling and pinch.
  6. Set the pierogi on a towel and continue until you are ready to boil them. (See the Picture Below)
    The pinched potato & cheese pierogi before boiling. 


    From our farm, to you… enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Organic Einkorn Pierogi Dough

  1. I made some with a very similar recipe. The dough seemed to fall apart from the edge after bring out of the boil. We have a long history of pierogi making and our recipe was tried and tweaked with my mom and aunt using no milk, einkorn flour and butter instead of oil. Any ideas, trying to keep my family moving in the healthier direction.


    1. The first time I tried to make pierogi healthier, I tried grass fed butter instead of vegetable oil or margarine like other recipes call for. The butter didn’t work as the pinch would not stay closed after the boil. So, we switched the butter out for organic olive oil and that helped the dough to stick together through the boil. Palm oil also works, but we prefer using olive oil. Luckily, olive oil that is cold pressed and organic is good for you. I hope this helps.


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