About Our Lil’ Family, ABCDE

In our home we place God at the center of all we do, we love, hug, show respect, say please and thank you, forgive, show gratitude, grow, laugh, wrestle, dance in the kitchen, sit on the porch, read, show creativity, oil, chase chickens, farm, work hard, pray, strive to be better, save for a rainy day, be ourselves, tell the truth, preserve, learn from mistakes, think with out hearts, get back up, smile, have fun, think happy thoughts, take naps, create dirt road diaries, trust in Him, be a light to others and ARROWS of God.

This mission statement hangs above our mantel. No, we are not perfect. Yes, we fail, but this is what we strive to do. We have our good days and bad days, but this blog will reflect our journey trying to live the way we believe God intended.

We bought 5 acres and built a modest farmhouse that we are finishing ourselves. This was our dream and we are working hard to make it the home/farmstead we envision. My husband owns a State Farm Agency and he is also a Young Living Independent Distributor #16337046. YL is all about family and working together to share a clean lifestyle. I was an elementary school teacher for 16 years until this past June of 2018. Now, I work from our farm as a full time Young Living Independent Distributor #1637262. We all do our part building the essential oil shelves and farm crafts on our ETSY, raising our chickens and building our farmstead. Our dream came true to retire me this school year and now I am able to invest my time helping others through YL, Five Arrow Farm and raising out 3 boys to be arrows. My heart is full. My family is grateful.

My oldest son, Brandon, wanted to add this…

At our farm we work hard all day and play all night. During the day, we plant trees in our baby orchard, plant veggies, flowers, lavender, cut weeds, build oil shelves, make farm crafts and play with our happy chickens (Brownie, Cookie, Baby T-Rex, Goldie, Mama Bear, Blackie, Feathers and Sam.) At night we bake, read, watch movies, play games and snuggle.

You can always contact us through fivearrowfarm@yahoo.com for questions.

Love & Oil,

ABCDE (Adam, Brandon, Colin, Dawn and Ethan)