Class Schedules

I am so excited to bring some new class topics this NEW YEAR! Below is the first quarter line up. Of course, if you’d like a beginner’s class to oils & supplements OR you would prefer me to come to you with a specific class topic, PLEASE reach out. My email is or message me. I would be honored to teach in your business, in your home or even meet with you one on one to create an individual wellness plan.

WINTER 2020 Public Class Schedule

Real Food & Supplements Online Class -1/21/20

This is a Facebook LIVE class and will be recorded. So, IF you missed the class here is the link to view it now or this is the original class event. The video is in the discussion.

Hormones & Libido – 2/12/20

Reproductive support.
Breast health.
Testosterone support.
In between the sheets support.
This class will be packed with information.

Bring a notebook.

11am @ Five Arrow Farm (our home)

6:30pm @ 357 N. Rochester Rd. (Adam Klemp State Farm’s Office)

PLEASE RSVP by “clicking GOING” here or message me by 2/10 so I know which session you are attending.

Ferments & The Gut Brain Connection – 3/11/20

We have a special teacher coming to share all of her knowledge and expertise with us, Renee Pokoj of Organic Stepping Stones! She is the guru that taught me how to brew my own kombucha.

She will be teaching how to brew your own kombucha, make ferments and both of us will be speaking about the gut/brain connection.

The class is $15 a person, but you will be able to taste different ferments and brews so when you get home, you know what you and your family may enjoy.

We ask that you pay Renee in advance to reserve your spot by 3/1. We have limited spots so your payment reserves your space. Yes, you can bring friends, but the RVSP is a firm 3/1. is Renee’s PayPal or if you feel more comfortable, you can PayPal me and I will send it to Renee.

This class is only at 11am. There is NOT a 6:30pm class. Here is the link to RSVP. I cannot wait for this class!

Chakras, Oils & Supplements – 3/25/20

This is a first for me and I am BEYOND excited to teach this class!

“Chakra” refers to seven site specific concentrations of energy emanating from the body. Each of these Chakra centers is thought to govern its own expression of associated bodily, emotional and spiritual energy, but each is linked and in tune with all the others.

When one or more of the chakras is over- or under-expressing its associated energy, it’s thought to manifest as imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. When all of the chakras are balanced in their expression, the expression of physical, mental and spiritual well being is manifested. The influence that aromatic plant essential oils have on the body, mind and spirit in the practice of aromatherapy can be adapted to promote balanced chakra functioning.

I’ll start the class with sharing a little bit about each of the seven Chakras. Then, we will lay/sit on our yoga mats as I instruct you how to use the essential oils and stones to support balancing your chakras.

You will walk away with a set of stones to use and the class notes so you can continue the practice at home. The cost would be $15 a person. I will accept Venmo or PayPal to by 3/1 to hold your spot. This is the event link to RSVP also.

The class will be on 3/25 at 6:30pm @ 357 N. Rochester Rd. (Adam Klemp’s State Farm Office.)

Please RSVP by 3/1.

The Archives: RECORDED or VIDEO Classes

Here you will find links to my past classes that have been recorded in groups, my facebook page Five Arrow Farm or in past events. You will find the video in the “discussion” if it was recorded in an event.

Please take note that these classes are for informational purposes only as I do not intend to treat or diagnose. These are here so you can research and make your own informed decision with your health care provider.